Got Colic?

Don’t give up, there may be hope! A new study showed that breastfed infants with colic responded to a group of probiotics called “Lactobacillus reuteri.” In this study, after 28 days of receiving probiotics, the average daily crying time was 51 minutes compared with 145 minutes in infants receiving Mylicon. 51 minutes is not ideal, but it’s better than 145!

Colic is defined as more than three hours of crying on more than three days in the week, typically occuring in the evening hours.

Probiotics (as opposed to antibiotics) restore the healthy bacteria that we all naturally have in our body. One theory as to why babies get colic is that it is an inbalance in the digestive system, so it makes sense that restoring the bacteria balance might help.

Lactobacillus is available in multiple forms. When my infant was colicky, I tried Udo’s Infant’s Probiotics. I purchased it at a health food store, and I felt like it made a difference. The dose is 1/2 teaspoon a day. You can dissolve the powder in a little water and feed it to your baby in a bottle or with a syringe. Good luck!

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