Flu Shot Update, Monday October 5th

Good Morning. We have been having some supply issues (big surprise) with seasonal flu vaccine. There is plenty of vaccine, but the manufacturers are having trouble shipping it because of the big shipments of H1N1 vaccine that are going out right now.

Here is where things stand at our office:

For regular insurance patients: We are out of seasonal flu vaccine for infants under 2 or for any children with asthma until later this week. We do have the nasal spray “FluMist” vaccine, which can be used for 2 years and up but not for asthma patients.

For Medicaid and CHIP patients, who qualify for VFC vaccines: we currently have all kinds of flu vaccine.

We still don’t have any word on when we will get H1N1 vaccine in our office, but are expecting to hear any day now.

Meanwhile, H1N1 flu is circulating at mild to moderate levels in the community right now, along with Parainfluenza (croup) and Group A Strep (strep throat).

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