H1N1 Influenza vaccine information

Some nasal spray doses of H1N1 vaccine are available today at Salt Lake County Health Clinics.

Several of our patients have called to say that they were unable to get the vaccine because they had received seasonal flu nasal vaccine (Flu Mist) within the previous 28 days.

There is a general rule about vaccines that you must wait 28 days after receiving any live-virus vaccine (Flu Mist/nasal influenza, MMR, Varicella) before you can receive another live-virus vaccine.

The CDC has been encouraging us to vaccinate all children with seasonal flu vaccine as soon as possible, even though this may interfere with receiving H1N1 vaccine if they receive the nasal live virus vaccine (FluMist).

If you have questions about your child’s vaccines, please call us at 801 565-1162.

We have applied to be a vaccination center for H1N1 vaccine. We are waiting to hear from the Utah State Health Department about when we will receive vaccine, and other details such as cost, etc. As soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

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