H1N1 and Regular Flu Update

Southpoint Pediatrics has applied to become a center to distribute H1N1 vaccine for the state of Utah, and we just received word that in two weeks we will receive the vaccine. We will continue to update the blog as we get more information.

We are seeing more and more cases of H1N1 (swine flu) in the office, so it is a great idea to get vaccinated. Right now the only place to receive the vaccine is at the State Health Department.

As far as regular flu vaccine, we have all ages and all insurances EXCEPT those over 3 years old who have asthma with regular insurance (we currently only have Flu Mist for patients over 3 with regular insurance, and Flu Mist is not approved for children with asthma).

In other news, phase one of the construction is completely done and we are working out of our new rooms. Phase 2 is well on its way, so hopefully the transformation will be complete soon!

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