Flu Vaccine update, Wednesday Oct 28th

We are out of H1N1 vaccine today. We are hoping to have some nasal doses within the next two weeks.

We have injectable flu vaccine for insured children 6-35 months only. We have no nasal flu vaccine for insured children.

For Medicaid and CHIP (VFC program) we have seasonal flu vaccine and some nasal flu vaccine as well today.

Many of you have scheduled flu vaccine appointments for your children in advance. Since we are having a very difficult time getting flu vaccines from our suppliers, you may be called to reschedule. I WOULD RECOMMEND CALLING OUR OFFICE THE DAY BEFORE OR DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT TO CONFIRM THAT WE WILL HAVE VACCINE AVAILABLE, or at least checking this site.

We are sorry for the inconvenience of having to double check even after you’ve scheduled an appointment. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when he “reserves” a rental car only to find that they are out of rental cars, and he tells the clerk that she obviously doesn’t understand what a “reservation” is! In the best of all worlds, we would have all the flu vaccine that we need, when we need it. Apparently we don’t yet live in that world.

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