More on H1N1 vaccine recall

Thanks to Dr. Packer for posting an explanation of the H1N1 recall. You can find out more about the recall at this link.

A few highlights:
— The recall only affected four lots of the thimerosal-free (single dose syringes) vaccine for infants aged 6-35 months.
— The vaccine was found to be slightly weaker than the required strength in followup testing after it had been distributed to providers. It met strength requirements at the time of production and shipping.
— Our clinic did receive vaccines from the affected lots.
— There are no safety concerns from these lots.
— Children in this age group should receive their booster dose to insure that they are well protected from H1N1 influenza.
— We have vaccine available for this age group. It is from multi-dose vials that contain the thimerosal preservative to avoid contamination. Numerous large studies have shown that there is no connection between thimerosal in vaccines and autism or other developmental problems. For children 24 months and older, the nasal vaccine is also an acceptable and safe option for vaccination.

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