yummy gummys

My little Ella has struggled with constipation since she was 2 months old. As a pediatrician, I know all things you are “supposed” to do (lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of water, Miralax if needed) but in the real world it doesn’t always work. Some days I just plain forgot to feed her the 4 prunes she needed to stay regular! But there is nothing sadder (and more guilt-inducing) than watching your child cry and struggle when you know you could have done something about it. Thank heavens for Fiber gummies. I discovered these a few months ago, and they have been life changing. They have loads of fiber, and best of all Ella asks for them by name (she never did that with the prunes!)
Now, they are not perfect. They can be a choking hazard for children who are too small (I actually buy the kind from Costco and cut them in half so she can chew them). Also, like any gummy, they can promote tooth decay. I try to brush her teeth after, or at least give her an apple slice. And they don’t replace a healthy, well-balanced diet.
But in our home, the benefits outweigh the risks, no question.

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