Influenza A is Here, Croup Too

I received this email from the Utah State Health Department:

In the past few weeks three influenza-associated hospitalizations have been reported along the Wasatch Front. Confirmatory testing at the state lab has identified seasonal influenza A (H3) in all three patients. National data indicates that this season’s influenza vaccine is a good match to currently circulating strains. The current Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendation for influenza vaccine is a universal recommendation that all individuals should be vaccinated.

Additionally, clinics and emergency rooms across the state are showing an increase in patient visits for respiratory symptoms. Surveillance indicates that respiratory activity is not limited to influenza alone, and that other respiratory viruses, like rhinovirus and enterovirus, are circulating in the community.

We are also seeing a lot of croup in the office this week. If your child has a croupy (barky, seal-like) cough, it will usually improve within 3-4 days. We should see your child if he/she is having noisy or labored breathing with the croup that won’t respond to home measures, such as a vaporizer or humidifier, or sitting in a steamy bathroom for 20 minutes.

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