RSV and Influenza B starting to decrease

According to Primary Children’s Hospital’s Germ Watch website, RSV levels are starting to decline. Influenza B also appears to have peaked and is decreasing. We are still seeing both of these in the office, but they are definitely slowing down here as well.
We are seeing a lot of Group A Strep infections (Strep throat). Typical symptoms include fever, sore throat, stomach ache and/or headache. Because strep’s symptoms can be similar to many viral infections, if you suspect your child has strep we should see him or her and test for it. Strep is treated with antibiotics since it is a bacterial infection. Antibiotic treatment decreases the spread in families and schools, helps children get better (a little) faster, and prevents the rare but serous complication of rheumatic fever.
Don’t forget to wear green this Thursday!

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