AAP Updates Car Seat Recommendation

For a few years now we’ve been telling parents that keeping kids rear facing as long as possible is the safest. This week the American Academy of Pediatrics made it official and changed their policy statement to say that children should be rear facing until 2 and in a booster until 8. While this can be hard to swallow, it’s a good idea. This video gives an idea of what can happen in a crash.

Scary, right?

This short article gives a great overview of why the change was made. Basically, infant and toddlers have big heads compared to the rest of their body, and it is much safer for them to be rear facing.

My guess is that this over time everyone will adopt this recommendation and it will eventually become law. When car seats were initially introduced they were viewed as cumbersome and somewhat inconvenient, and they are obviously the norm now. Riding rear facing will likely go through a similar process. Yes, it’s going to be a little bit painful. But keeping our kids safe is priority #1.
I’m just hoping my new baby Anna doesn’t put up too much of a fight…

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