You’re doing great

A few week ago I was in a well-child check with a darling 2 year old. I was checking developmental milestones and asked the mom how her daughter did with a spoon and a fork. Somewhat sheepishly the mom admitted that she great….because she hadn’t had much practice. She made such a mess eating that the mom tended to spoon feed her in an effort to stay clean. I laughed and admitted that I did the same thing, and 2 1/2 year old Ella still asked me to feed her from time to time.

The role of the well-child visit is to make sure children are healthy, developing normally, and are safe. But with all that entails it can be a little overwhelming. And the truth is, most kids turn out okay because of (and sometimes in spite of) our best efforts. So Ella’s not a whiz with her fork. She will be by the time it counts. And she’s a whiz at lots of other things. So your child is still sleeping in your bed. He won’t be when he’s 16! Enjoy it while he still wants to be with you 🙂
Well-checks are an important part of growing up, but if you aren’t doing everything “perfectly”….don’t stress! Do your best and your kids will be just fine.

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