and the winner is…

Carrie Lynch

who said

We love and adore Dr. Bosworth!! My three kids ranging from 7 yrs old to 3 yrs old love him, his name even comes up on occasion at the dinner table. I love that my kids are confident in Dr. Bosworth, they literally cry for him when they are sick. My 5 yr old son just asked me last week if Heavenly Father is smarter than Dr. Bosworth and was shocked that my answer was “yes”. I have left Southpoint with many different emotions over the past few years: laughing, feelings of gratitude, and sometimes in tears but I can’t imagine working with a different team in this crazy task of raising three beautiful children in an extremely scary world. I love that I can go to Dr. Bosworth for anything and know I will get his honest opinion/diagnosis regardless of my hesitations. If anybody is looking for a pediatrician who is knowledgeable, compassionate, funny, and totally committed to the many patients who love him, Dr. Bosworth is THE MAN!! He also comes with an amazing assistant, Jen.Thanks Southpoint.

Thanks to everyone who entered. We loved all the nice comments; we’re going to do this again and give ourselves another ego boost.

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