Back to School GIVEAWAY

We had so much fun with our last giveaway, we thought we’d do it again…just in time for last minute back-to-school shopping. The question this time:

Do you look forward to school starting/summer ending with dread or excitement?

Three ways to enter (you can do all three!):

  1. Leave a comment
  2. Put a link to the giveaway on your blog 
  3. Put a link to the giveaway on Facebook
The prize:

$75 gift card to Target

For our last giveaway the winner sent me this sweet email:

“So my grandma trained me to tell her everything I purchase when she sends me a giftcard so I feel obligated to do the same with you. I bought myself a cute pair of Mossimo capris, a cute green shirt, Maizy got a new pair of shorts with a matching shirt, I needed a bottle of hairspray, and I bought Jen Ostrander the first book of the Hunger Games because she is too stinking cute AND I had $17 leftover. Thank you so much, I had a blast!!!”

Fun, fun. We’ll close it in a week, Sunday at midnight, and announce the winner Monday the 15th.

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