Decorative Contact Lenses

With Halloween around the corner, some of our teenage patients may be thinking of buying decorative contact lenses as part of their costume. What they might not realize is that while they may look cool, and give the edge to that Twilight costume, decorative lenses can also be dangerous. They have dye in them that can cause problems. One size does not fit everyone, and they can stop air from getting into the eye and trap germs underneath. These problems can be serious and lead to blindness, even if only worn for a few hours.

These lenses are FDA approved (with a prescription) after being measured by an eye care professional. However, lenses are sold illegally at costume shops and from online stores. Parents should keep an eye on any child who wears contacts, decorative or prescription. If there is redness, pain, light sensitivity, tearing or drainage from the eye the contact should be removed and see an eye care professional.

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