Enterovirus D-68

You may have heard about the “mystery virus” that has popped up in some parts of the country and is all over the news. Nearly 1000 children have been affected by this respiratory virus that starts with symptoms similar to the common cold, but can be more serious in children with underlying breathing problems such as asthma, or in children under 5. The virus has been identified as Enterovirus D-68 and has been found in ten states: Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Kentucky. There have been no cases in Utah, but if the spread continues chances are that we will see it as well.

Symptoms include runny nose, cough, sneezing and wheezing. The onset of symptoms can be quick. Within hours, typical cold systems can turn into breathing difficulties, sometimes accompanied by wheezing, cough, rash or fever. If your child has any wheezing or difficulty breathing, please have them seen as soon as possible. While most children do very well and recover without any treatment, a small percentage require hospitalization.

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