Employee Spotlight!

Our next Employee Spotlight is Julie!
  Julie has been a part of our awesome office for 6 years at our Front Desk!

What she likes about her job are the mom’s, dad’s, and the children. It is so fun to see the new babies and watch them grow.
Her hobbies are swimming, reading, and traveling with her family.

Her favorite food is stroganoff and Diet Cherry Pepsi

If she could travel anywhere, she would go to New York, to see the sites and go to Broadway plays.
Her favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the decorations, the smells, and it brings family together!

Her hero is her dad, because he was a great example to everyone and taught his children to be strong, loving and caring.

If she had 1 million dollars, she would retire and travel with her husband.

Thank you Julie for letting us get to know you better!


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