Drowning Prevention

Drowning happens fast. It can happen even when it’s not swimming time. It can happen in homes that don’t have pools. It can happen in shallow water. Thankfully, though, drowning is 100% preventable. Perhaps you read about Bode Miller’s tragic loss in the news this past month. Below he and his wife, Morgan, tell their story:

In response to the rising statistics, the American Academy of Pediatrics has authored 2 articles addressing drowning in infants and children, specifically. A few key take-aways are:

But babies aren’t the only kids at risk! Drowning is also one of the leading causes of death for tweens, teens, and young adults. The AAP recommends there always be a water watcher, even if you are confident in your child’s swimming abilities!

For more information and specific tips on helping prevent drowning in your family, we recommend the following articles from the AAP:

If you have any further questions about water safety, contact your pediatrician! We are here to help keep your children safe!

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