Autism Resources

Diagnosis & Evaluation
ABA Therapy
Service Dogs
Sensory Processing 
Social Skills

Links & Organizations We Recommend

Family Support & Parenting Help:
  • Utah Parent Center: 801-272 –1051 Provides information, peer support, training, and advocacy for parents by parents of children with special needs
  • Allies with Families: 801-433-2595 Support and resources for parents and children with emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs.
  • NAMI: 801-323-9900 Free 12-week course for family caregivers of individuals with severe mental illnesses.
  • Utah Family Voices: 801-272-1068 Support for families with children with special healthcare needs run by parents. 
  • Autism Council of Utah  Resources, services, support for recently-diagnosed as well as all ages of children with ASD.
  • Carmen B. Pingree Center: 801-581-0194 Parent training classes and sibling support groups for families with children who are diagnosed with ASD.
  • FAAST  Autism resources and events as well as community and family supports.
  • Family to Family Network Local networks across the state host meetings/activities for families of children with disabilities. 
  • AutismLink  Many support resources including message boards, for family support.
  • Autism Speaks Online education, resources, information, links for ASD.
  • OASIS  Online Asperger information and support.
  • Salt Lake City Mommies Local get-togethers, resources, support for local Utah moms.
  • Unlocking Autism National on-line support network for ASD.

Local Area Respite Care Providers:

  • Autism Give Grants for relief & support to individuals and families in Utah affected by autism; pays directly to the respite care provider
  • Bear –O-Care: 801-419-4731 Before and after school care, weekends; low-cost and sliding scale fee; no aggressive kids; Nurse on staff
  • Child Care Resource and Referral Metro Line: 801-355-HUGS 
  • CTA Community Supports: 801-268-4887 Services for children with autism after school and on Saturdays; summers and holidays
  • Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD): 1-877-568-0084 Respite and Emergency Respite for children who qualify
  • Family Support Center: 801-255-6881 Crisis Nursery, Emergency Respite, as well as a licensed and trained clinical staff to assist families and individuals dealing with various life stressors.
  • Summit Community Counseling: 801-266-2485 Respite care for Optum Health

Local Support Groups:

  • Mom’s Night Out 7-9pm 3rd Thursday monthly email:
  • Tooele Autism Group (TAG) email:
  • Big MAKS Group—SLC
  • Easy to Love, Hard to Raise
  • HOME Program: 801-581-5515 1st Friday of each month; parent support group

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