Health Information Week: Chronic Illness

Cassie Crane, our Medical Home Coordinator, is here to help coordinate care and resources for our patients with chronic illness or other medical complexities!What is Medical Home? A Medical Home is a team-based healthcare delivery system for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) describes the ideal Medical Home as one that provides “accessible, continuous, … Continue reading Health Information Week: Chronic Illness

Health Information Week: Mental Health

You may recognize Alison as a long-standing super friendly front desk receptionist! But what you probably don't know, is that in January, Alison started working with our Medical Home as our Mental Health Liaison. ...but what is that?As Mental Health Liaison, Alison pops into rooms to help your family and child find local mental health resources. … Continue reading Health Information Week: Mental Health

Health Information Week: Healthy Lifestyles

It's National Health Information Week! We want your child to be in his/her best health and so we advise parents to make sure that your kids are eating good foods, getting daily exercise, and following a routine sleep schedule.Eat well:The American Academy of Pediatrics has calorie intake recommendations based on age and gender, as shown … Continue reading Health Information Week: Healthy Lifestyles